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Effective signage is a crucial part of how you optimise your sales space for maximum returns. Here’s a review of some of the vital things to consider – and how your business could look in practice.

One of the key sales performance measures for any retail business is sales per square footage, so your retail space has to be your most productive and most efficient sales tool inside and out. When you’re planning how your business looks, bear these points in mind:


Outdoor signage is the most important kind in physical retail because it gets customers through the door. Outdoor signage could be anything from pavement boards, entrance signs and awnings, to window signs.

• Reflect your brand: your signage forms a key part of your company image. It should include your name, logo, colour scheme and sales proposition.
• Have clear visibility: your sign should be easily visible from the road: put it where it is visible to as much walk-by and drive-by traffic as possible.
• Use colour. It adds to visibility and appeal.
• Use lights: a well-lit sign helps shops generate attention after business hours and at night. LED signs can be cost-effective to run, but make sure that you choose a good quality display using good quality parts and are familiar with your signage company’s installation services, maintenance packages and guarantees.
• Make it flexible: the ability to update your messages regularly with new messages or offers will help you to stay competitive.


  • Be specific: a customised sign can give you just the right message in just the right place, (it’s otherwise known as narrowcasting).
  • When designing a sign, include specific details, such as location-specific instructions and relevant product information.
  • Keep it simple: your message needs to be clear, but avoid information overload. If you can convey the main themes of the sign in less than five seconds, you pass.
  • Write in headline text: This should help you be concise and simple all at once. Effective custom signs use a message hierarchy: headline, explanatory text, and call to action.
  • Make a call to action: signs are advertisements, and a good advert should encourage the customer to do something; that’s the call to action.


Here’s a look at what some of our customers did to make sure they got the attention they deserved: